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class wikis

Welcome to Law 19 - Property Law - Mission College Paralegal Studies Program

note: please follow all links under moodle. any conflicts between the moodle and the below links, the links under moodle are the links to follow.


New Bankruptcy Law - http://bklaw.pbwiki.com

Summary of Property Law

Welcome to Law 19 - Property Law


Check to see contact information on your instructor - see http://lamission.edu/law/lawfaculty.htm

Due dates for the class - http://duedates.pbwiki.com


stay in touch with your online tutors for the class - http://paralegaltutors.pbwiki.com

where to login to your class: http://moodle.lamission.edu 

Chapters of your Textbook (do not use if you have the 10th edition. these are an earlier edition, only for those who are waiting for their textbooks

chp. 30 - bankruptcy law - http://profj.us/25sp/law19/chp30.htm

chp. 28 - secured transactions - http://profj.us/25sp/law19/chp28.htm

chp. 29 - other creditor's remedies - http://profj.us/25sp/law19/chp29.htm


Cases to read for your Assignments

#4 Liquidations - In re Busbin - http://profj.us/24sp/law19/busbin.htm

#5 Bankrutpcy Law Finder - http://www.lawtrove.com/bankruptcy/

#6 Review Steps in a Bankruptcy - http://www.michaeljohnsonlaw.com/client/

#7 Review Bankruptcy Forms and Summarize - http://www.uscourts.gov/bkforms/bankruptcy_forms.html#official

#8 Review California Exemptions - http://www.moranlaw.net/exemptions.htm

#9 Priority of Disputes - FDIC v. Meyer - http://profj.us/24sp/law19/meyer.htm

#10 Subrogation Rights - Levinson v. Thermex - http://profj.us/24sp/law19/thermex.htm

#11 Review Mechanics Liens - http://library.findlaw.com/2000/May/1/129375.html

#12 Review Landlord - Tenant Law - http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/landlordbook/index.shtml

also Eviction Law - http://www.wimer.net/landlord/a/eviction.htm

also forms and procedures at http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/selfhelp/other/landten.htm

#13 Serving the 3 day notice - http://www.legalwiz.com/freearticles/caltlaw.shtml

#14 Prepare a 3 day notice - http://profj.us/3day.htm

#15 Review law on repair and deduct - http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=civ&group=01001-02000&file=1940-1954.1

also see repairs at http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~asucrla/repairs1.shtml

#16 read Green v. Superior Court case on Habitability -


also read development of legislated law on landlord tenant at


#17 Gifts - read Chalmers case - http://profj.us/24sp/law19/chalmers.htm

#18 Deceptive Advertising - read Thompson case - http://profj.us/24sp/law19/thomson.htm

#19 Stale Checks - read IBP case - http://profj.us/24sp/law19/ibp.htm

#22 Workers Compensation - read Kidwell case - http://profj.us/24sp/law19/kidwell.htm





Articles to Read


How to Study Law

Good Legal Writing

Read Like a Lawyer

The Uses of Argument

Analytic Thinking

Character counts


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